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Hi there!
I'm Gwen Peterson
Creator of Insights and Illuminations

Welcome to Insights and Illuminations of Soulwork.  Not just a website.  Not just classes on spirituality but rather a community of seekers exploring their connection with their Soul.  A space to explore your personal journey of discovery. 

My personal spiritual journey has led me to becoming the Creator of Insights and Illuminations, author of Insights and Illuminations of Soulwork and Founder of Spiritual Communities Network.  

Insights and Illuminations is and continues to be the result of over 25 years of Spiritual growth and evolution.  The programs I teach are the principles I have come to know and love through spirit.  

My intention: to help others discover and develop a dialogue with their Soul.  It is life changing.  This work is also known as the Antahkarana, Soul Integration or simply Soul Work. The name is not important. The work is. The work is one that comes from self love.  
I have found that no two students are the same and their goals are as individual as they are.  My work honors that spiritual journey and creates an environment to do with your journey what you will.  I will give you the foundation to explore You.

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Gwen has been featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine, and featured on Mastering The Moment, Floating On A Cloud, American Gumption and Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur Podcasts.

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Book cover

Can Life Really be a Game?

Most of us have been raised in an environment of the senses. Putting our trust and faith in the things we can touch, see, hear and/or taste. If you are reading this, you probably are starting to feel there may be a little more to life than that. Maybe you have had some experiences that you can't find answers to. As you begin to ask some deeper questions about your life experience so far and where you are going, you feel as if you have hit a wall in finding the answers that feel right to you. You are not alone in this. I think you would be surprised to learn how many people are sitting where you are. I have been there as well. In this trilogy, I share with you snippets of my life experience, the Truths I have come to learn and tools and tips you can begin to play with. This is not an autobiography. It is a consciously channeled writing from my Soul with the assistance of some Archangels and Ascended Masters. What is the saying? Life can be stranger than fiction or my personal fave, you can't make this crap up. You too may have had some way out there experiences that you can't simply explain away and you keep to yourself because no one would believe you. Each of the three books of this trilogy are a level of knowing. Each one builds on the other to draw you deeper into yourself. Deeper into knowing your Soul and the game we are here to play.

Ready to begin your journey?

Each person's spiritual journey is their own. It will be as unique as you are. I will guide and support you in discovering your soul's guidance through variety of online spiritual classes, events and discussions. How far you want to go with your spiritual journey is completely up to you. Start feeling better immediately and decide if you are wanting to deepen your spiritual practice.  Do you want to grow your dialogue with the divine wisdom of your soul or go even further with my Mentorship Certification Program (currently being recreated)?  Where ever you are on your path, I will support your journey into self awareness.

My experience the first time was that of total unconditional love.

Student of Mentorship Certification

You have awesome energy and are helping us all to heal ourselves and the planet. Blessings on your journey,
Seth G.
Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.🙏
Kristi O.


I haven't worked on myself really much in years and this work has/is helping me a lot.


So grateful to you Gwen for leading and mentoring this group (Art of Allowing). I can't believe sometimes how often it has been there for me during some very difficult times and supported and guided me with very practical and useful tools. It is because of this group that I have built a sound meditation practice that I get to take with me wherever I go.
Kathy Myers
SO lovely Gwen. Thank you. 🙏 Really... best meditation voice ever. I love the space you give between prompts. Namaste
Lauren Yellin Weinberg

The Becoming Coach

There is a reason you are looking at this page.

Whether you are just starting out or feel like you are ready to go deeper into your spiritual awareness, I will give you the foundation to discover your soul's direction and grow your own dialogue with the divine wisdom that is within you. Let's begin.

Just Starting Out

Your up. Your down. You don't know what to do any more.  Maybe your health is taking a beating. Self-love and self-care.  What does that even mean?

Let me show you how to find some relief from this rollercoaster.  Start sleeping better and even find that smile again.
Insights and Illuminations is free to join and is a journey to your soul.

Meditation and journaling is the foundation of any spiritual practice.  I have free resources available for our beginners.

Dig a Little Deeper

So many teachers, techniques, classes and books.  Which way do you go?  Who do you listen to?

Your soul.  It has all the answers. Learn how to listen to your soul?  Learn about your emotions and what they mean.  Learn to listen, hear or feel the gentle nudges of spirit.

Join Insights and Illuminations to see the many stand alone classes, meditations and more online spiritual classes available to you and begin playing with spirit.

Become a Mentor

You have developed your dialog with your soul and it is nudging you on to become a teacher.  A teacher of what?  

That is between you and your soul.  Becoming a Mentor of Insights and Illuminations is the loving connected energy you will bring to that work in a powerful way.  The Mentorship Program is being recreated and will be ready soon.

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