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What does soul work mean?
- Aligning yourself with the part of you that never grows old, your Soul. Soul Work builds a dialogue or relationship with your Higher Self. The Self that loves, supports and honors you. The Self that knows how to bring to you all that you want and desire. Aka Spiritual growth.

How do I start my soul work?
- Decide which program fits your needs. A class, Informal weekly group, private mentoring or intensive certification program. Not sure? Email Gwen and ask.

How long does it take?
- Depends on you. You work at your own pace or should I say your Soul's pace and your commitment to spiritual growth and developing your spiritual awareness.

How do I listen to my soul?

- Let Gwen Peterson guide you with insights and illuminations, soul work counseling. You will experience spiritual growth and transformation.  

My experience the first time was that of total unconditional love.


Classes and Services

I offer a wide range of spiritual classes to support you on your exploration of spirituality.  From groups to private consultation, I am available.  

The Art of Allowing Workshop

This weekly gathering is the perfect opportunity to pull together all of what you have been learning. A casual setting to grow and learn Soul Work. We begin with a meditation followed  exploration into the deeper aspects of spirituality and how to use it in your day to day. Those in the group have an opportunity to share how they have seen changes in their lives. We close with one of the processes from the Ask and It Is Given book by Abraham-Hicks This dynamic gathering has been meeting for over 10 years and draws to it those taking their work to a deeper level--Soul Work.

I want to begin feeling happy again.

Stages of Healing

This monthly group will focus on Emotions. You can't get around them. Good or bad they are there. What purpose do they serve and can you trust them? They are the stages of healing and you can trust them. Join Gwen Peterson as she guides you in moving through the stages of healing. 
Second Tuesday of the month 7:00 pm $10/gathering

I want to let go of some old emotional baggage.

Healing Meditation

Each week Gwen connects with the healing energy of Archangel Raphael guiding you through a healing meditation for the body, mind and spirit. This is offered live on Facebook @InsightsandIlluminations page, Wednesdays at 3 pm est.

I need some zen moments.

Sunday Healing Circle

Group energy has been proven to be very powerful. A Healing Circle combines the power of a group holding space together to allow the highest good to happen for those in need.  Gwen Peterson has been working with the Archangels and Ascended Masters for almost 20 years. Gwen will connect with these Mentoring energies and hold the energy for the group to amplify for the wellbeing of all. All levels of healers are welcome to attend. 

I want group energy.

New Moon Cord Cutting Ceremony

Did you know that a new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle? It symbolizes new beginnings. Let's work with the energy of the new moon and the power of Archangel Michael to release old energies, beliefs and feelings and open ourselves to creating new goals and desires. Let's start this new cycle with no strings attached.

I want to cut some cords.

I haven't worked on myself really much in years and this work has/is helping me a lot.


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