Unleash Your
Playful Soul
Your Life

Can life really be a game?

“I felt as if Gwen was holding my hand as I walked through Insights and Illuminations. Reading volume II sparked a profound message from spirit in a dream that changed my life. If you are at the starting point of beginning the walk down your spiritual path these books are a must have!” 

Carrie Sopko, Ctbf.
 Transformational Breath® Facilitator

INSIGHTS into who you really are.

Three complete books. 
Three Levels of Knowing.

1.  It's A Game!

2.  Puzzle Pieces

3.  Your Soul Connection

Where it all began.  

Part One: A glimpse into how my journey began and how this book came to be.
Part Two:  Instructions for this game we call life.
Part Three: How you can begin playing your game in earnest

Level up your game.

Just like a puzzle, we find pieces that change how we play the game.  Each of these are laid out to be used as an oracle book.

For the advanced player.

The first two books lay the foundation for this deeper level of the game.  The Integrated Personality.

“This book is an easy read. Simple but deep and thought-provoking as you move through the “game” levels of life. I enjoyed the writing style that seemed like she was speaking personally, directly to me. Ready or not, there are insights on receiving huge answers to simple small questions. How fun to visualize rubbing up against other bubbles. Step into the next level of your life game. NOW.”

Sandra McGill Author
Jesus Codes Healing Program

Why this book now?

The word why is very powerful.
Whenever we ask ourselves this question, what we hear in response can be life changing.
It is a topic I love to teach and it always surprises my students.
 This book like that word can and will allow you to...

  • Regain control of your life 
  • Make healthier choices for yourself 
  • Regain confidence in what to do in each moment
  • Find the peace, love and joy that has been missing in your life
  • Take actionable transforming steps right now
  • Find the answers you are looking for
  • Discover Self-Love

"Kept my interest. I found it entertaining and a relatable way of conveying some of life’s important lessons for happiness and spiritual wellbeing."

Shelby C. Peterson

About the Author

Hi Gwen Peterson here.  I wasn’t looking to become a spiritual teacher, much less an author. I was looking for a way to feel better. To put joy back into my life. I had the stuff. New home, loving husband, and comfortable lifestyle. It just didn’t seem to be enough. There was a nagging feeling. A can’t seem to find my happy place feeling. Then like a thunderbolt, my life took a different direction. I found myself having to come to terms with things that didn’t fit into my everyday life as I knew it. I found my happy place and so much more. I live in Naples, Florida soaking up all the warmth and beauty it has to offer. I understand my journey is still expanding and content to see where my soul and Spirit lead. My days are dedicated to supporting others on their spiritual journey no matter where they are on it.  It has been an honor supporting countless people in their awakening process.  I strongly believe we are all capable of living our most authentic and joyful life.
Over the years I have been featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine and numerous podcasts on topics of spirituality.

"Gwen Peterson has hit a home run with this book! It offers a "voice" and writing style that will keep the reader smiling and wanting to read more. Serious Spiritual stuff can be both enlightening and fun, as you will discover when you read this book. You won't find another one out there that's like it!"

Steven Howard
Author and Spiritual Coach

Curious about spirituality and what it means to you?

Most of us have been raised in an environment of the senses. Putting our trust and faith in the things we can touch, see, hear and/or taste. If you are reading this, you probably are starting to feel there may be a little more to life than that. Maybe you have had some experiences that you can't find answers to.  As you begin to ask some deeper questions about your life experience so far and where you are going, you feel as if you have hit a wall in finding the answers that feel right to you. You are not alone in this.  I think you would be surprised to learn how many people are sitting where you are. I have been there as well. In this trilogy, I share with you snippets of my life experience,  the Truths I have come to learn and tools and tips you can begin to play with. 

This is not an autobiography.  It is a consciously channeled writing from my Soul with the assistance of some Archangels and Ascended Masters. What is the saying? Life can be stranger than fiction or my personal fave, you can't make this crap up. You too may have had some way out there experiences that you can't simply explain away and you keep to yourself because no one would believe you. 

Each of the three books of this trilogy are a level of knowing. Each one builds on the other to draw you deeper into yourself. Deeper into knowing your Soul and the game we are here to play. 

Enjoy my friends,
Gwen Peterson
Creator of Insights and Illuminations

Whether you are new to Spirituality or have been exploring for some time, you will want to read, (and re-read) Gwen Peterson's Trilogy of the Soul... I found the material to be insightful, educational, and experiential with a generous dose of humor. When I first approached the book, I thought, I can knock this out in an hour or two... (ha, ha, ha, as Gwen's Non-Physical friends would say) There is a depth and complexity to the narrative that really makes you pause and reflect on the material, and questions. In addition to the "story" Gwen offers real "hands-on" practical tools to awaken, and/or deepen your relationship to Spirit, Soul, and Self.

Denise Flood
Spiritual Recording Artist

Tired of books that collect dust on a shelf?

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie with so many moving parts you felt you needed to read or watch it again and again? Each time taking away a new nugget of information or insight. This will be the case for you regarding this trilogy. It may not seem like it, but the content found within Insights & Illuminations will speak to you at different levels and at different times of your life. You will feel drawn to read it and reread it. Each of the books represent three distinct levels of Knowing. Each level designed to take you deeper into exploring who you are and why you are here.

“Are you searching for answers to 'all this Spiritual stuff?' The author, Gwen, is clear, concise, and conversational as she explains each aspect of The Game (of life). Give it a read and find out for yourself where the missing pieces lie, and you, too, can better play The Game.”

Sarah Sparks
Spiritual Business Advisor