Unlock Better Sleep and Reduce your Anxiety with this FREE Video on Journaling.

I didn't start out as a fan of journaling.  One night after hours of tossing and turning I discovered its power.  I share in this video everything you need to get started and feel better today.

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3 Big Reasons to Start Journaling Now:

  • Less Stress and anxiety
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Memory

A Message From Gwen Peterson

Hi I'm Gwen Peterson and journaling like meditation is one of the most powerful tools on earth. It's used for reducing stress, improving focus and concentration, etc. but mastering it requires effort and time. This video helps you learn the basics of journaling and includes a 3 week tutorial filled with even more helpful tips to be successful in your journaling practice.

Gwen Peterson, Creator of Insights and Illuminations, is an internationally known spiritual teacher and author who has dedicated herself to inspiring and guiding others to live in harmony, healing and peace. Gwen is a transformation mentor and has had the honor of supporting countless people in their own awakening and ascension. As a conscious channel, Gwen is a conduit for the Divine. Her work is a reflection of her own personal journey of spiritual empowerment. She believes we are all capable of living our most authentic and joyful life. She is the founder of Spiritual Communities Network, a global community of teachers and seekers of spiritual growth. She has been featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine, and on numerous podcasts. Her book Insights & Illuminations is available on Amazon.