Dollars and Dreams

4 Weeks to Shift Your Focus From Scarcity to Financial Freedom

Stop stressing out about money.
Instead, discover what 'having enough' feels like.

  • It's Time to Start...

  • new relationship with money that isn't toxic
  • Envisioning a life in alignment with your dreams  
  • Unlocking the secrets to take back control of your finances
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs around money and attract abundance effortlessly 
  • Connecting with a community of individuals celebrating their successes 
  • Benefiting from expert guidance tailored to keep you on track

It's Not About Sacrafice

  • It's About Alignment: Understand that achieving financial freedom doesn't mean sacrificing your values or well-being. 
  • Embracing a holistic approach that aligns your financial goals with your spiritual and personal aspirations. 
  • Discovering a path where abundance flows effortlessly without compromising your inner harmony.

Introducing Dollars and Dreams

Look what's included!!

Week 1:

Create a Sacred Space: your creation workshop

  • Self-love and self-care will start here The most important 10 minutes of your day will start in this space. 
  • Begin with my most popular videos on How to be Successful at Meditation and Journaling to build a strong foundation for your new lifestyle of financial freedom. 
  • Some may say this is the hardest part of the whole course but once you commit to it, your life changes. 

Week 2:

Map Out Your Financial Obligations So You Can...

  • Begin paying off balances with ease. 
  • Stop cringing when it comes to bill paying. 
  • Use  my step by step process to reach your goals.

Week 3:

Shift the Scarcity Mindset and...

  • Observe the things you say to yourself 
  • Create better feeling thoughts 
  • Use affirmations that really work because they are your own words

Week 4:

Play the Money Game With New Rules and...

  • Have fun with money instead of stressing out 
  • Play with money and watch it multiply with some new tips and tricks to play with

and there's more

Bonus #1

Abundance Meditation Audio

Whether you are new to meditation or well practiced....

  •  Download this digital audio and take it with you where ever you go 
  • A guided meditation channeled by the Archangels and Ascended Masters bringing a higher vibration to your work.
  • Focused on prosperity to instill a deeper feeling of Trust that you can do this.  
$ 50 Value

Bonus #2

17 Seconds to Prosperity Audio

Your secret weapon against negative self-talk.

  • Download this digital audio to listen anytime anywhere.
  • Over 3 minutes of positive self-talk to inspire you to prosperity
  • Replace your old thoughts with new ones that will get you to financial freedom
$ 50 Value

Bonus #3

30 Days of Prosperity Prompts for Journaling

Write your way to your dollars and dreams.

  • Download this printout and use it for inspiration.
  • 30 powerful prompts to inspire your mind and create the life you dream of.
  • Stop struggling with scarcity mindsets and embrace abundance through these transformative journaling prompts for prosperity.
$ 50 Value

Bonus #4

Community Forum

  • Private Online Community for registrants of this course only.
  • Meet like-minded people  
  • Not a Facebook Group
$ 250 Value

Hi there!
I'm Gwen Peterson, author, conscious channel and spiritual teacher for over 30 years and I still am faced with moments of financial uh-ohs.  
From my daughter's brain surgery, my divorce and my own health concerns; life happens.
How we handle life's hiccups is the difference between financial freedom and stress and anxiety over the future.
I have a formula that works and I want to share it with you.

To Recap - You receive:

  • The Dollars and Dreams Course ($555 Value)
  • Abundance Meditation Audio  ($50 Value)
  • 30 Days of Prosperity Prompts for Journaling ($50 Value) 
  • 17 Seconds to Prosperity Audio ($50 Value)
  • Private Community Forum ($250 Value)

Total Value: $955

Special pricing for this course plus bonuses:
4 weekly payments of $30

Dollars and Dreams is NOT

just another abundance course leaving you high and dry and on your own to figure things out while nothing changes.

  • Work at your own pace  
  • Build habits that will carry through your life creating the experience you have always dreamed of. 
  • Have One on one support 
  • Know what having enough feels like 
  • Break free of the money game rules that don’t work

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