What Does Fear and Anxiety Teach Us?

Strong emotions like fear and worry are red flags to let us know we are not in alignment with our Soul and not seeing life from our Soul’s perspective

I have been following the SWFL Eagles for years. The birds not a football team. Lol

Each year there are emotional ups and downs with each new clutch of eaglets.

Recently, Harriet, the matriarch of 11 yrs. did not return to the nest after setting out for food.

I was so struck by this. I suddenly found myself having very deep emotions I wasn't prepared for.

Whenever I have strong emotions, I journal on them. Sorting them out if you will.

The sadness of a mother going missing while caring for her family. Possibly dead? The male calling to her until he couldn't anymore. The 2 eaglets less than 30 days old. How quickly fear and worry consumed me. The first 24 hours were hard to bear. My mother instincts were on full alert.

A couple of days into this unfolding, I began to notice the male wasn't all stressed out. He kept doing what he needed to do to feed the eaglets and keep them safe.

The eaglets, they just kept doing what they needed to do.

I was the only one fearful and anxious. It was me, the one with the irrational mind creating scenarios of dread. As my mind saw what was happening, I could feel the relief on a higher level.

The whole experience reminded me of a couple of things. First, animals don’t rationalize. That’s why the eagle family unit wasn’t falling apart. Secondly, emotions are a part of what makes us human and when we feel strong negative emotions, it is time to stop and see what we can learn from them.

I mention this because often times we are taught to hide our emotions or dismiss them. Instead, strong emotions like fear and worry are red flags to let us know we are not in alignment with our Soul and not seeing life from our Soul’s perspective.

It is important to acknowledge how you feel. Alignment with our Soul will always feel good. Always. Anything less is an indicator to do a checkup from the neck up. Why are you feeling these emotions? What answer do you hear? Can you shift it?

If you need assistance in managing strong emotions, look me up.

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Gwen Peterson is the creator of Insights and Illuminations and conscious channel. She is a metaphysical teacher, author and spiritual Mentor to those searching for answers and guidance into spirituality, deeper meaning in their lives and perhaps building a dialogue with their Soul. Her programs support all levels of awareness of spirituality. Visit her website and create your personal journey at InsightsandIlluminations.com

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