Exploring the Connection Between Emotions and Spirituality

Venture beyond the physical realm and explore the connection between emotions and spirituality.

Understand How Feelings Link to Spirituality.

Understanding the connection between emotions and spirituality can be a journey of exploration. While it may be difficult to put feelings into words, they can offer powerful insight into our deepest selves – both physical and spiritual. Learn how to identify your emotions, become aware of their underlying message, and gain insights into the spiritual realm of experience.

It was one of my most profound spiritual moments when I discovered that our emotions are linked to our alignment with our Soul/Spirit/God.

What I Learned.

The vibration of Spirit is Unconditional Love, Peace and Joy. When we are feeling good, we are in alignment with the powerful vibration. When we are not feeling good, we are out of alignment and we find ourselves struggling with our everyday life experience. The worse we feel the further we are from that connection.

You could say it is how Spirit gets our attention. Makes complete sense, right? How the heck did I miss that one? And yet, once I started playing with this concept, my life changed. I learned to become sensitive to how I was feeling and using that to powerfully create my life in new and amazing ways.

Sometimes it gets tricky. Life can happen and I can feel miserable. Instead of staying in that space, I use it to pivot. I have found that my feelings don't let me down. The more sensitive I get to how I feel, the better I feel in general. The better I feel the more I find my life experience bringing to me all the things I could ever hope for. I move through difficult times more gracefully with a fuller understanding and gratitude for the insights I have learned.

After 25 years, I still have some resistant or limiting thoughts crop up. After all we are in this physical environment but making it a daily intention to clean up my emotional vibration, has made all the difference.

You May Be Asking How Do I Do This:

It begins with a meditation practice and journaling. It is the only way to really begin this process. Quiet time with you and your emotions. Focused time to explore what they mean and how to turn them around properly. You-time to learn what Spirit’s love feels like. It is a process of feeling what love really is and using it to navigate back when life gets you down.

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Gwen Peterson is the creator of Insights and Illuminations and conscious channel. She is a metaphysical teacher, author and spiritual Mentor to those searching for answers and guidance into spirituality, deeper meaning in their lives and perhaps building a dialogue with their Soul. Her programs support all levels of awareness of spirituality. Visit her website and create your personal journey at InsightsandIlluminations.com

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