Conscious Living - How to Live a More Conscious Life

What does conscious living mean? Find out here!

Consciously living means that we live our lives in a way that is aware of how we affect others and ourselves. It also means that we take responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Be Present in the Moment.

Be conscious of your casual thoughts and conversations. Choose to not participate in conversations that foster thoughts that are not in line with your intentions. Pick up any paper or turn on any news story and you will find yourself flooded with fearful thoughts that permeate your sense of wellbeing. It can be as easy as putting down the paper or turning off the TV or closing an app.

But what about when you are interacting with others? What does that look like? Okay. Try this. You are sitting with some friends and all of a sudden, a conversation breaks out about a topic that is not resonating with you. What to do? Try to change the subject without them knowing it, or excuse yourself from the room for a moment or two. If either of these don't work, my favorite, go somewhere else in your mind. Re-affirm your intentions concerning this topic. Positive thoughts are more powerful than negative so think of a good feeling thought or two. Think of it as a vaccination against the naysayers. You are a powerful creator, creating in your experience and only you can do that.

Be conscious of your casual thoughts and conversations. As you have been removing resistance in your life, you will find that your life is moving quicker and your ability to manifest whatever you give thought to is not as slow as it once was. You no longer have the luxury of thoughts that do not align with who you are at your core.

Happy thoughts...…Happy Gilmore.


Gwen Peterson is the creator of Insights and Illuminations. She is a metaphysical teacher, intuitive, author and spiritual Mentor to those searching for answers and guidance into spirituality, deeper meaning in their lives and perhaps building a dialogue with their Soul. Her programs support all levels of awareness of spirituality. Visit her website and create your personal journey.

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