Life's Challenges

As each of these messages go out, I sit and work with them myself. I revisit with where I am and with who I am.

Especially at times when our family is faced with some "things" that would distract me from who I really am. I do not take these words lightly. Sometimes it is difficult for me to find my alignment with them. But those are the moments that require my attention the most. Not when things are good and happy but when I, we, you are challenged with experiences that appear to be everything but.

Whenever you feel you don't have the time to meditate or journal, that is the time you must stop and realign yourself with your Soul.  

4 Steps to alignment with your Soul

  • Sit quietly and ask for the guidance
  • Listen for the inspiration, the relief.  
  • Journal those thoughts out that feel bad.  Let your mind be heard and reaffirm you are supported and loved.  
  • Focus your attention on the things you love in your life

Transform your challenges that life presents to you.

Gwen Peterson, Creator of Insights and Illuminations

Gwen Peterson is a metaphysical teacher, intuitive, author and spiritual Mentor to those searching for answers and guidance into spirituality, deeper meaning in their lives and perhaps building a dialogue with their Soul. Her program supports all levels of awareness of spirituality.

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