Begin Living Your Best Life

Do you really want to begin living your best life?

Do you really want to begin living your life? 

Then stop and take the time to connect with who you are, love, peace, joy. Some of you may be so far removed from that connection that you may need to remind yourself what relief feels like. Train yourself back into that sensation or feeling. The sensation or feeling of letting go of bad feeling thoughts. Letting the tightness in your chest be replaced with the pounding of excitement for the unknown.

What does that look like?  How does one begin?

It will sound rote but taking 10 minutes at the start of your day to sit quietly or listen to a guided meditation is where to start. This will begin the process of learning how you are feeling in your moments.  

Too often we fill our day with distractions and things we have convinced ourselves are oh so important that we sacrifice our own happiness and well-being.  Leaving us with nothing left to give to those around us.

Another option is to begin to journal.  Begin to pour those thoughts that run around in your head all day, out onto paper.  Take a look at what your mind is holding onto. How do they feel?

How does this add up to living your best life?  Only you know what that looks like and feels like.  Stopping, feeling and listening begins the process of discovery of what living your best life means to you.


Gwen Peterson, Mentor of Insights and Illuminations

Gwen Peterson is the Mentor of Insights and Illuminations, helping others to refocus, re-energize and recreate their lives. She is also Founder of Spiritual Communities Network, a global community of Teachers and Seekers of Spiritual growth with classes and events held virtually and locally. She has been featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine and featured on Podcasts Floating On A Cloud, American Gumption and Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur.

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