You are Unique and one of a kind.

You are one-of-a-kind. You are exclusive. You are a limited time only version of you. You cannot be lumped into a pile with others and called same.

Maybe you think you understand that from your perspective but have you also considered it from another person's? 

As much as you would like to say you know exactly what someone is going through or what that person is like...… can't and don't and won't. Really and truly you won't. You have not lived their life, felt their pain, felt their joy.  We want to say that what we feel is the same for someone else.  Not so.  There are over 7 billion distinct individuals on this planet.

Now imagine Spirit.  Ascended Masters, angels and the like have a completely different vantage point.  From where they participate they can, do and will know what it is like for each of us.  They get 7 billion different perspectives on this big blue globe simultaneously. Better yet.  They don't see anyone better or worse. Just different and each adding unto the whole of All (God).  Each a powerful beingness of spirit filled with the potential for unconditional love, peace and joy.

So if everyone is completely unique, what kind of crazy creating do you think two or more in alignment with their soul can do??

Evoke a little love, joy or appreciation and see what happens.

It's how miracles happen.