Why Being Happy Is Important

Happiness is not something we have to wait for. It’s an inside job.

The secret to happiness is being happy without any reason.

I'll be happy either way.

Can you be happy either way? No matter which way "it" goes? As you examine this idea and play with the meaning it holds discover that when you can be happy no matter what; you are happy. And effortlessly you discover you have the "it" that you were desiring. The happy. In that happiness you can create so much more. Have you ever noticed oftentimes you are happiest in the creating rather than the creation itself? The kind of creating that only occurs when you are happy either way. The "either way" takes away the attachment to "how" something "has to be". When we are so attached to the outcome, we set ourselves up for not being happy. We attach our happiness to the outcome or the completion of it. Sometimes we can catch ourselves saying when this is ‘done’ I will be happy. That type of focus, again, puts you into a place of unhappiness. Done is something that doesn't exist. Because we are always creating. Practice creating from a happy place with no expectation of how it has to be and see what happens.

Gwen and Our Mentors


Gwen Peterson is the creator of Insights and Illuminations and conscious channel. She is a metaphysical teacher, author and spiritual Mentor to those searching for answers and guidance into spirituality, deeper meaning in their lives and perhaps building a dialogue with their Soul. Her programs support all levels of awareness of spirituality. Visit her website and create your personal journey at InsightsandIlluminations.com

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