Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Rethink the roles that groups of 2 or more are playing in the evolution of our planet and what your role is in those gatherings.

Whether in work, friendships or as committed relationships, you can see the effects from a group blending and focusing their attention. 

In our past we have seen what our founders of this country accomplished and then there was Edison, Ford, Firestone and Burroughs. All very powerful groups working as a team with a focus of intention.

Today there are many Spiritual groups that come together with the intention of aligning with powerful love, peace and joy of Spirit an focusing on the upliftment of our planet. 

If you do share a committed relationship with another, what are your shared intentions and focus on a daily basis? Are you uplifters for each other and ultimately those around you?

Think of it like a team of horses working together to move something bigger than themselves.

Gwen Peterson, Mentor of Insights and Illuminations