Relationship With God - How to Build A Relationship With God?

In this article, we'll discuss what it means to have a relationship with God. We'll also look at some ways to build such a relationship.

What does having a relationship with God mean and does the idea of connecting to an Energy as powerful as God's scare you? We have been conditioned to think that way. Have you been told the common person is not able to navigate those powers safely? Only special people or chosen ones can do that for you. But think of this. We are all the same in the eyes of God. How does that make you feel?

Let’s go a little further and consider, in order for you to tap into the powerful Energy of God you have to raise your vibration to one of Love, Peace and Joy. The very same energy that is God. When we are in alignment with God energy, we feel the vibration we would label, Love, Peace and Joy. Only good can flow from that vibrational energy. Not hate, or anger or fear. Remember too it is one or the other. If you are filled with love, peace and joy, you CAN NOT be connected to anything but that vibration.

Let’s do the converse. If you are not tapped into Love, Peace and Joy then what is flowing to you and through you. Not so good stuff I am thinking. Could this have been the confusion so long ago when our ancestors were trying to sort all of this out. Somewhere someone got the connection wrong or maybe it was a control thing. No matter. Let’s get back to Love, Peace and Joy.

Have you allowed yourself the possibility of thinking something new. Something like, God is working in me and through me when I tap into feelings of Love, Peace and Joy. Does that sentence right there, (God is working in me and through me) that you have heard a million times before, suddenly have new meaning to you from an Energy standpoint? That only good can come to me and through me when I consciously choose to line up my vibrational Energies with that Higher power. Higher power only comes from Higher Energy.

How do I do this Gwen?

Think thoughts that feel good to you. Choose to have thoughts that are uplifting. Be deliberate in how you feel in any given moment. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into fear. I know it is all around you but you do not have to put your attention on it. You do not have to focus on that vibrational thought. It doesn't feel good and you have the choice in how you feel. It doesn’t feel good because you are made in the vibrational image of God and anything less than Love, Peace and Joy is not who you are.


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