Not a Perfect LIfe

This morning as I was warming a cup of bone broth and contemplating things, my brain was was doing its usual wrestling with life's ups and downs.

This morning as I was warming a cup of bone broth and contemplating things, my brain was was doing its usual wrestling with life's little or big ups and downs. I quickly recalled some words I had read earlier this morning that had resonated with me in a deep way. I played with how words can really help to move things we can get stuck on and how I will need to make a mental note to talk about this more. I thought of how I would share how it resonated with me. My brain immediately was like, "That will make me look vulnerable, like I don't have my crap together." LOL

Ahhhhh. Today's blog. Ready? 

If you haven't guessed by now, I spend a lot of time encouraging folks to begin or return to their morning meditation practice.  I meditate everyday and see the benefits of doing so all day long.  Do I have the perfect life? No. No I don't. I don't have the picture perfect world we all have stuck in the back of our heads that we try to measure ourselves to. I do, however, have a wonder filled life. It is filled with great friends, family, lifestyle, and more. 

Here's my point. Sometimes we get it in our heads, me included apparently, that if we do our meditations, journals, yoga, breathing etc., that our lives will be perfect. Some teachers may even go so far as to say such things. Nothing can be further from the Truth. It is a simple fact that we are here on this planet living our third dimensional lives where stuff happens. It does. 

The reason I encourage you to find a practice that works for you and to stick with it now when things are good, is because when the crap hits the fan you won't have time to figure it out. It's going to be a lot harder to find your Faith, Trust and Self Love in those moments. 

Simply put, you will always have those moments but having done the work before hand will make all the difference in how you handle it. How you let it effect you. And that can kind of make you look and feel like you got the perfect life.


Gwen Peterson, Creator of Insights and Illuminations, is an internationally known spiritual teacher and author who has dedicated herself to inspiring and guiding others to live in harmony, healing and peace. Gwen is a transformation mentor and has had the honor of supporting countless people in their own awakening and ascension. As a conscious channel, Gwen is a conduit for the Divine. Her work is a reflection of her own personal journey of spiritual empowerment. She believes we are all capable of living our most authentic and joyful life. She is the founder of Spiritual Communities Network, a global community of teachers and seekers of spiritual growth. She has been featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine, and on numerous podcasts. Her book Insights & Illuminations is available on Amazon. To learn more about her work visit:

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