Looking for Better Health?

Are you ready to believe that your health is dependent on how you feel? The thoughts you hold? What thoughts are you having right now?

Did you stop to hear what your thoughts were just now? Take a moment and think about the idea that you can be guided to well-being. Guided? By whom? Your older wiser self. The part of you that is always there and always available to you when you make the conscious decision to align with Love, Peace and Joy. The vibration of your Soul.

How does one do that? Find a better feeling thought than the one you are holding right now. Letting go of the thought that has your body tensed up. In the relief of letting go of that thought you move closer to better health. Ask that part of you that Knows-All, what can I do to feel better? Then listen or look around and see what guidance you receive. It could be as simple as the next conversation you have with someone and they mention, drink more water or take a break with them. You will know that the message is for you. You will feel it in your heart. You will Know from that higher place. That knowing, is your alignment with Spirit/God and that small shift is all it takes to hear your guidance and change your health and well-being.

Gwen Peterson, Creator of Insights and Illuminations

Gwen Peterson is a metaphysical teacher, intuitive, soon to be author and spiritual Mentor to those searching for answers and guidance into spirituality, deeper meaning in their lives and perhaps building a dialogue with their Soul. Her program supports all levels of awareness of spirituality. Join her community of Insights and Illuminations.

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