Just starting out with your spirituality?

Let's begin...

Just starting out with your spirituality?

Spirituality is a very big subject. It is a life long practice developed through many small steps like a meditation practice, journaling, self-care and self love.  A lifestyle change. 
As a beginner in spirituality, it can be overwhelming.
Take a deep breath and relax.  All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other. Start slowly and deliberately.
How do I know?  I once was standing where you are now.  Lots of questions.  Wants and desires that were not being met.  An empty feeling of something was missing.  Like I was supposed to be doing something but I didn't know what or how. 
This page will offer you free tools to get started.
Let's start with the foundation of spirituality, meditation and journaling.  When you are ready we will move on to the next steps like the Emotional Guidance Scale Masterclass. 
Remember! Breath and relax.  One step at a time at your pace and in your comfort zone.


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• The health benefits of a meditation
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Subscribe now to receive my free video and three week tutorial.
• The health benefits of a journaling
• The different types of journaling
• How to be successful in quieting your mind

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Join me on Sunday morning with the Archangels and Ascended Masters in silent heart opening meditation.
All levels welcome. Free. Live.
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What are the students saying?

Gwen holds unique space always directing you back to your own soul guidance but without leaving you hanging. I felt massively supported during our sessions, reconnecting to my inner knowing and yet held by her presence and reassurance and direction. I did a night and day turn around after our first session and this was while I was in the middle of a fire of transformation, feeling completely lost, ungrounded, and scared. The process of raising our consciousness can feel like you are alone in a dark wood and forget all of your tools. Thanks to Gwen’s guidance I restored my daily practices, grounded myself in my inner truth, worked with my relentless mind and went up the spiral to a deeper connection to myself and all of life. I am finding so much joy in the stillness and connected to my own intuition once again. I adore working with Gwen - she is a unique soul, sanguine and genuine. She reminds you of the truth - that everything is always ok, even in our darkest hours.

Jude Hotep

I haven't worked on myself really much in years and this work has/is helping me a lot.

K. S.

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