The Secrets to a Successful
Meditation Practice

Unlocking Inner Peace: The Ultimate Video to Meditative Success

It is the foundation of a strong spiritual practice.
I understand how hard it can be to start this practice. It took time and understanding of what meditation really is, for me to finally enjoy it and receive the benefits that go with a meditation practice.

Did you know?
That a meditation practice starts with just one day a week for 10 minutes. 
Meditation doesn't require sitting in the lotus position chanting ohm.

This course includes: 
A free video covering tips and tricks I've learned over the past 25+ years of meditating.
A 3 week tutorial sent to your inbox.

You will leave this course knowing:
The health benefits of Meditation
Types of Meditations and how to use them.
How to get started with your practice and what to expect.
Confidence in being a success at your practice.

Gwen Peterson
Mentor of Insights and Illuminations
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